Virtual Summer Camp Descriptions

Virtual Summer Camp Topics: 

Children must be 3, 4 or 5/entering Kindergarten by the session date in which they are enrolled.

Scales & Tails – Age 3

Spend a week meeting a scaly assortment of River Legacy’s cold-blooded creatures and learn what it takes to be a reptile.

June 8-12:   $200  $75
June 15-19:   $200 $75

Winged Wonders – Age 3

What would you do if YOU had wings? Learn about some of River Legacy’s wonderful winged creatures and the surprising things they can do with THEIR wings!

July 6-10:     $200 $75
July 13-17:  $200 $75

Animal Sense-Abilities – Age 4

How does an earthworm hear? Why do snails wave their eyes around on stalks? How does a butterfly know it has landed on a flower it likes?  You know how we use our senses – now learn how animals’ senses help them survive in River Legacy Parks.

June 8-12:    $200 $75
June 15-19: $200 $75

Hide & Seek – Age 4

What do you do when something wants to EAT you? Learn how some of the animals in River Legacy Park hunt for their food – and how they escape from their predators!

July 6-10:    $200 $75
July 13-21:  $200 $75

Mighty Morphs – Age 5/Entering Kindergarten

Learn about some of nature’s “transformers” and about the mighty big changes they undergo during the astonishing process of metamorphosis.

June 8-12:    $250 $100
June 15-19: $250 $100

Wet & Wild – Age 5/Entering Kindergarten

Join in a virtual exploration of the special features and abilities that allow certain plants and animals to survive in the watery environments of River Legacy Park.

July 6-10:    $250 $100
July 13-17:  $250 $100

1st-6th Grades

Slime Sleuths – Entering Grades 1 & 2

Be a part of the investigative team working to solve a woodland slime mystery. Young sleuths will have a chance to hone their math skills, science and investigation skills, and engage in a variety of art and literary experiences while examining the interesting roles of slime in nature.

June 8-12:  $250 $100
June 15-19:  $250 $100
July 20-24:  $250 $100

Extraordinary Eggs – Entering Grades 1 & 2

Eggs are everywhere – hidden under the ground, floating atop the water, nestled among the branches of trees, concealed inside our homes. Through daily investigations of eggs and egg-laying animals, students will learn how extremely exciting exploring eggs can be!

July 6-10:    $250 $100
July 13-17:  $250 $100
July 20-24: $250 $100

Pondering the Pond – Entering Grades 3 & 4

Let’s dive into pond fun! What allows a pond to support its inhabitants, and what adaptations do these creatures have that allow them to live in it? Investigate these questions, learn more about pond food webs and observe real chemistry experiments.

June 8-12:    $250 $100
June 15-19:  $250 $100

Biology of Herpetology – Entering Grades 3 & 4

Engage in learning about a variety of herptiles, such as turtles, snakes, lizards, frogs, toads and more! Explore their biology and the special adaptations that enable them to survive in Texas.

July 6-10:    $250 $100
July 13-17: $250 $100

Animal Care 101 – Entering Grades 5 & 6

Have you ever wondered what it takes to care for the live animals on exhibit at the Nature  Center? What does it take to create habitats for these animals that mimic their natural environments? Virtually explore the different habitats of our North Texas animals while learning about the animals in our collection.

June 8-12:  $250 $100
June 15-19:  $250 $100

Animal Architects – Entering Grades 5 & 6

Design. Excavation. Construction…Building projects happen all the time in the woodland habitats of River Legacy Park — without human assistance!! Learn about the remarkable construction projects that help our animal neighbors survive in the wild. Explore the adaptations and incredible physical skills that make them successful architects.

July 6-10:  $250 $100
July 13-17: $250 $100