Note: We are pushing back our registration date for our 2021-2022 education programs and will update you as soon as the new date is finalized. Thank you for your patience!

The environmental education programs at River Legacy Living Science Center provide ways for children to explore their place in the natural world around them. A preschool, summer classes, field investigations, after-school clubs, public programs and more all serve to provide a hands-on, minds-on connection with nature.

It’s one thing to read books and look at pictures. It’s another thing to immerse yourself in the experience:

  • Marveling at the clever architecture of the funnel web spider

  • Matching the sweet song to the plain brown wren

  • Contemplating where the fox paused the night before by the traces of his prey

To enroll, contact the Registrar at 817.860.6752 ext. 102 or via email.