Wildlife Outreach Programs

Making Tracks to YOU…

Wildlife Outreach is a River Legacy Living Science Center program designed to showcase a variety of native and exotic animals to illustrate the principles of ecology and life science in an educational and entertaining format. Wildlife Outreach programs are carefully designed to meet TEKS objectives and support your specific curriculum needs.


Outreach Program Options:

Learn about the diversity of mammals that live in our region. Discover what makes mammals unique! We will bring skulls, pelts and live animals to help students explore animal adaptations.

More than Claws, Paws & Jaws
What makes a predator a predator? How are prey animals designed to avoid capture? Students will explore and discuss some of the surprising adaptations and survival techniques of predator and prey.

Reptiles & Amphibians
This presentation focuses on the differences between reptiles and amphibians, habitat and anatomy. Students will have the opportunity to see and touch examples of live animals to gain a greater understanding of these creatures and their needs, and dispel common misconceptions.

Working with Wildlife
Discover career options in the environmental field as you meet a River Legacy Living Science Center Teacher/Naturalist and one of our live animal ambassadors who teach our community about native wildlife species. Learn what it takes to care for our animals at the Science Center and what you can do now to prepare for a job working with wildlife.

Animal Adventure
Travel around the world through the eyes of a variety of exotic invertebrates and vertebrates. This program explores the niches and habitats of these exotic animals and relates these to their unique adaptations for survival. Students will also learn the importance of having native animals in a habitat vs. non-native animals.

Scheduling & Fees:

Programs are available for public and private schools, clubs, community organizations, youth groups and community events. Outreach programming is available year-round.

  • 45-minute program
  • $25 non-refundable deposit
  • Program pricing is based on distance from the Science Center:
    • $200 – 0-20 mile radius from the Science Center
    • $225 – 21-40 mile radius from the Science Center
    • $100 – Second consecutive program
    • 41 + miles, please call for information


Contact Event/Exhibit Manager Shannon Porter via e-mail or 817.860.6752, ext. 119