Summer Camps

Summer Camps at the Nature Center provide students with experiential learning opportunities to explore our natural world. A variety of programs offer an interactive, engaging way to learn about wildlife, ecology and the environment with classes ranging from Preschool to 8th Grade.

2023 Summer Camps

Ages 3-5

NEW! Ancient Mammals Unveiled

Children must be 3, 4 or 5 by the session date in which they are enrolled and must be fully toilet trained and toilet-independent. 

Winged Wonders: What would you do if YOU had wings? Learn about some of River Legacy’s wonderful winged creatures and the surprising things they can do with THEIR wings!

June 5-9 | 9am to 12pm | $200 2 SPOTS LEFT
June 12-16 | 9am to 12pm | $200 FULL

Scales & Tails: Spend a week meeting a scaly assortment of River Legacy’s cold-blooded creatures and learn what it takes to be a reptile.

July 10-14 | 9am to 12pm | $200 1 SPOT LEFT
July 17-21 | 9am to 12pm | $200 1 SPOT LEFT

Hide & Seek: What do you do when something wants to EAT you? Learn how some of the animals in River Legacy Park hunt for their food – and how they escape from their predators!

June 5-9 | 9am to 12pm | $200 FULL
June 12-16 | 9am to 12pm | $200 FULL

Animal Sense-Abilities: How does an earthworm hear? Why do snails wave their eyes around on stalks? How does a butterfly know it has landed on a flower it likes? You know how we use our senses – now learn how animals’ senses help them survive in River Legacy Park.

July 10-14 | 9am to 12pm | $200 FULL
July 17-21 | 9am to 12pm | $200

Wet & Wild: Join in a hands-on exploration of the special features and abilities that allow certain plants and animals to survive in the watery environments of River Legacy Park.

June 5-9 | 9am to 12pm | $200 FULL
June 12-16 | 9am to 12pm | $200

Mighty Morphs: Meet some of nature’s “transformers” and learn about the mighty big changes they undergo during metamorphosis.

July 10-14 | 9am to 12pm | $200 FULL
July 17-21 | 9am to 12pm | $200 1 SPOT LEFT

1st-6th Grade

Nature’s Art Box: Peek inside River Legacy Park’s “art box” and discover the magnificent materials provided by nature and used by artists to create everything from paints and dyes to paper and clay. Throughout the week, young artists will gather and work with rocks, soil, flowers and vines to create their own natural art materials and original works of art.

June 5-9 | 9am to 3pm | $275 FULL
June 12-16 | 9am to 3pm | $275 FULL
June 26-30 | 9am to 3pm | $275 FULL
June 24-28 | 9am to 3pm | $275 FULL

Spectacular Spiders: Weave puzzling spider questions into answer-catching investigations while spying on the spectacular spiders of River Legacy Park. Young spiderologists will create a Spider Sanctuary and discover the secrets of the Arachnida’s most skillful architects and unusual hunters.

July 10-14 | 9am to 3pm | $275 FULL
July 17-21 | 9am to 3pm | $275 FULL
July 24-28 | 9am to 3pm | $275 FULL

Texas Predators: Can you imagine what it would be like to have to chase down every meal you eat? Explore the balance of River Legacy Park’s food web through a variety of hands-on activities, including pond investigations, pursuit and capture simulations, and animal observations. By the end of the week, you’ll gain a deeper appreciation for both predators and prey and their struggle for survival.

June 5-9 | 9am to 3pm | $275 FULL
June 12-16 | 9am to 3pm | $275  FULL

Insect Investigators: Did you know that over 90% of all known species on our planet are insects? Did you know not all insects are bugs? Come find out what makes this group of animals so unique and important. As an Insect Investigator, you will practice lab and field techniques that include identifying species under a microscope, catching and releasing live specimens, and creating your very own field guide.

July 10-14 | 9am to 3pm | $275 FULL
July 17-21 | 9am to 3pm | $275 FULL

Wildlife in Action: Is animal training and behavior your thing? Gain incredible training and handling experiences and get the inside track on animal behavior while you work alongside our Naturalists. Use your newfound knowledge to design and build enrichment devices and activities for the wildlife that call our Nature Center their home.

June 5-9 | 9am to 3pm | $275 FULL
June 12-16 | 9am to 3pm | FULL

Amazing Animal Careers: Do you have what it takes to be a Zoo Keeper, a Veterinarian, an Aquarist, or a Conservationist? Join the Naturalist team and some special animal and human guests to take a hands-on look at what it takes to work with all kinds of animals!

July 10-14 | 9am to 3pm | $275 FULL
July 17-21 | 9am to 3pm | $275 1 SPOT LEFT

Ages 5 & 6 

Millions of years ago, astonishing creatures roamed our earth, but they weren’t all dinosaurs! Join us as we discover some prehistoric mammals and their relatives that are still around today!

June 26-30 | 9am to 3pm | $275 FULL

Outdoor Adventures

Entering K-4th Grade 

Trees, tents and toads, oh my! Rev up your summer with some exciting outdoor fun! Experience a variety of nature-filled adventures like woodland survival and camping skills, eco-friendly projects and water fun, all in the setting of River Legacy Park’s animal-rich outdoor classroom. Class will meet and dismiss daily at River Legacy Nature Center, but the bulk of the day will take place in “the best classroom of all – nature!”

June 19-23 | 9am to 3pm | $275 (K-2nd Grade) FULL
June 19-23 | 9am to 3pm | $275 (3rd-4th Grade) FULL
June 26-30 | 9am to 3pm | $275 (K-2nd Grade) FULL

Extreme Outdoor Adventures

Entering 7th-8th Grade

Kick your summer fun up a notch! Spend a week exploring the fun that can be had at River Legacy through kayaking, hiking, rock climbing, archery, compass navigation, Jr. Angler Certification program and so much more!

June 26-29 | MTWTh | 9am to 3pm | $300 FULL

For questions regarding Summer Classes and enrollment please email our Registrar via email at

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