We are open Monday-Saturday from 9am-5pm

Photography Policy

Everyone is welcome to take casual pictures of the beautiful landscape, animals or unique building features at River Legacy Living Science Center. Professional photography or videography is not allowed, with the exception of photographers hired to take pictures during scheduled weddings or venue rentals at River Legacy Living Science Center.

Please follow these guidelines while taking pictures at River Legacy Living Science Center:


  • Take pictures during operating hours of River Legacy Living Science Center, Mondays through Saturdays, 9 am to 5 pm

  • Stay on trails, walkways or grass

  • Set up your photos in a manner that does not disrupt events, classes or maintenance


  • Obstruct the trails, bridges or walkways

  • Tamper with equipment, tools or signs

  • Enter an area barricaded in any manner

  • Allow or encourage your patrons to climb on trees or rock walls

  • Allow your patrons to pick flowers, foliage or damage plant material or hardscape

  • Attach any item to plant material, trees or buildings

  • Bring animals into River Legacy Living Science Center except as assistance to disabled individuals

  • Interrupt or obstruct access to weddings, public programs or other events scheduled at River Legacy Living Science Center

  • Enter a closed gate area

River Legacy Living Science Center staff or security may approach you to discuss alternatives for your photographs or video if it interferes with any class, event or maintenance that is in progress.

Professional photography in River Legacy Park is by permit only. Contact the Arlington Parks and Recreation Department at 817.459.5473 to apply for a permit.