Field Investigations

River Legacy Field Investigations offer a rare opportunity for a unique connection with nature for students living in a major metropolitan area. Field Investigations for students in grades Pre-K through 6th provide a guided exploration of the plant and animal life of River Legacy Parks.

All Field Investigations:

  • Include indoor and outdoor investigations
  • Feature engaging, hands-on activities
  • Provide an authentic experience in nature
  • Are age-appropriate and TEKS-correlated

Early Childhood Field Investigations

Let’s Explore Fall!
Explore the seasonal cycles and observe the plants and animals as they prepare for winter dormancy. Discover where they might find shelter, food, and protection from predators. During the indoor component, students will observe a live box turtle and learn about its physical and behavioral adaptations.

Let’s Explore Spring!
Observe the renewal of plant life after winter dormancy and search our woods for birds’ nests; scan the pond for clumps of frog eggs; and peek beneath new green leaves for clusters of ladybugs’ eggs – all while hoping to catch a glimpse of young animals that may have just emerged. Indoors, students will observe a variety of River Legacy Parks’ live egg-laying animals and explore the similarities and differences among their amazing eggs.

  • Pre-K through 2nd grade
  • 1 1/2 hours in length from 10 am to 11:30 am OR 12 to 1:30 pm
  • Minimum 20 students (or $180)
  • Can accommodate a maximum of 88 students per day, with a maximum of 44 at a time participating in the field investigation and the other half participating in teacher directed play and free time at the nearby park
  • $9 per child; teachers and adult chaperones free; one adult chaperone required for every 10 children

To schedule an Early Childhood Field Investigation for your students, contact the Registrar via e-mail or 817.860.6752, ext. 102.

3rd-6th Grade Field Investigations

Let’s Explore River Legacy Park’s Woodland Habitats (3rd-6th grades)
Walk our woodland trails, exploring the layers of the forest and looking for examples and evidence of animals and their habitats. Indoors, compare and contrast two native vertebrate animals, focusing on how their body structures and behaviors help them survive in a woodland habitat. A lab component will include an investigation of an invertebrate animal (usually a snail) and its adaptations.

  • Minimum 20 students (or $180)
  • Maximum 100 students (66 max on Mondays)

Let’s Explore River Legacy Park’s Freshwater Ecology (5th-6th grades)
Use dip nets to explore and look for invertebrate organisms in our pond as well as perform a variety of tests that indicate the quality of the water. Students will also explore factors affecting water quality through an interactive watershed model demonstration. Indoors, students will use microscopes to take a closer look at the invertebrates that were found in the water source and show how these invertebrates indicate the health of the water.

  • Minimum 20 students (or $180)
  • Maximum 60 students

General Info (3rd-6th):

  •  2 hours in length from 10 am to 12 pm
  • $9 per student; teachers and adult chaperones free; one adult chaperone required for every 10 students

To schedule a 3rd-6th Field Investigation, contact the Registrar  via e-mail or 817.860.6752, ext. 102.