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The River Legacy Nature Center is NOT currently hosting a visiting exhibit.


Forever Forest (2023-2024)

Forever Forest by Omaha Children’s Museum, is an immersive exhibit that teaches families how their everyday lives are connected to forests through the ways they live, work, and play. Families will enjoy hands-on activities focused on forest life and sustainable harvesting. Guests got to Climb, crawl and slide on tree tops, become a conductor for a day and work a kid-sized replica of a Union Pacific engine, and work together to build a house as they learned about the many things wood is used for!

Here Be Dragons: From Lizards to Legends (2022-2023)

Here Be Dragons: From Lizards to Legends was a celebration of dragons in literature, pop culture, history, and science. During this exhibit, the River Legacy Nature Center transformed into a legendary experience for guests to explore the history of these mythical creatures through artifacts, activities, and one of a kind opportunities to interact with real-life lizards! Created by Build4Impact, Here Be Dragons: From Lizards to Legends is unique in its approach to education, conservation and celebration of cultures around the world through live and mythical dragons.

Dinosaur Safari (2021-2022)

Dinosaur Safari by Omaha Children’s Museum was River Legacy Nature Center’s most visited exhibit yet. Over 5,000 visitors had the opportunity to uncover the mysteries of our prehistoric past and go on an unforgettable adventure full of hands-on experiences and close encounters with animatronic dinosaurs and fossils. Upon entering the exhibit, visitors found themselves in an immersive jungle setting where it was up to them to investigate the clues these ferocious creatures left behind in order to learn about dinosaurs, and what life was like back when they once roamed the Earth.  

The Art and Science of Arachnids (2020-2021)

The Art and Science of Arachnids by Build 4 Impact, featured 100 live arachnids – including endangered species like the Tiger tarantula, Mexican Red Knee tarantula, alien-looking tailless whip scorpions, and beautiful Sun Tiger tarantulas! Visitors had the opportunity to explore the largest arachnid display in North America as they discovered human-arachnid cultural connections through interactive activities like building robots, conducting science experiments, creating arachnid art and more. 

The Nature of Things (2019-2020)

The Nature of Things by Purdue University, was the first visiting exhibit at the River Legacy Nature Center, it featured a variety of interactive pieces where families had the opportunity to learn about the natural world around them. This exhibit featured Bee-lieve it or Not: The Secret Life of Honeybees, Tooth Sleuth, A Salamander Tale, and H2Woah! Through each of these exhibits, children and families discovered the special role that honeybees play in their lives, learned to search for clues to reveal what animals eat, developed an appreciation for the beauty of insects and their crucial role in the environment, and observed the many negative effects of water pollution. 

For questions regarding exhibits, contact Shannon Porter, Executive Director at 817.860.6752, ext. 108

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